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Within the telecommunications industry, the winds of change blow frequently, bringing with them numerous options for both residential and business services. One of the most recent changes to gain popularity has been Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is exactly what it does transmit voiced calls over the Internet versus over a traditional telephone wire. Since most homes and businesses in the Washington, DC area are already familiar with the Information Superhighway that is the Internet, adding the option of phone service is a very natural progression for many people.

Initially designed as a way to improve data networking, key benefits of VoIP service have grown to include many business conveniences that have proven beneficial over traditional services that required a telephone and a separate Internet connection. As an example, some VoIP options allow for a lowered service charge, since both phone and Internet connection use the same line, and a higher productivity, since more clients can be served at the same time. Just these few items have the popularity of VoIP soaring, with many people opting for change every day, knowing VoIP will prove itself as a worthy return on investment (ROI).

Along with the various options for VoIP providers, there are also numerous options for businesses in Washington, DC, some dependent on the number of employees within a company. Because such customization is available, business owners get the exact service they need to grow their business, without any additional fees that can stand in the way of financial success. In addition, people who work from home on a regular basis, or telecommute a few days a week, are also seeing the benefits of VoIP, even though on a smaller scale. Overall, any typical resistance to change hasn't been the case with VoIP, which has people eager to make the change for the future of their companies.

Among the concerns new clients typically have with VoIP remains cost primarily, as well as questions about computer-telephone compatibility and concurrent usage. Our staff at DS1 Communications has these answers, and much more information about VoIP, and we look forward to sharing this information with you as you consider how VoIP can best benefit your business, and your bottom line.

DS1 Communications offers VoIP phones and business phone systems from quality manufacturers including Nortel, Avaya, NEC, and Samsung. Our highly knowledgeable technicians are well versed in VoIP and will be able to make the recommendations for the phones and system that is right for your business, regardless of size. DS1 provides service to the greater Washington, DC area as well as to South Florida.

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DS1 is the premier provider of Nortel Networks Norstar phone systems in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, and throughout South Florida, as well as the Washington, DC area.
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